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We are gathering a unique team of AI experts, engineers, medical doctors, and business managers to create the next generation of Medical-grade AI tools.

Our team
  • Christian Allouche | CEO GLEAMER
    Christian AlloucheChief Executive officer
  • Alexis  Ducarouge | Chief Science & Tech Officer
    Alexis DucarougeChief Science & Tech Officer
  • Nor-Eddine Regnard | CMO GLEAMER
    Nor-Eddine regnardChief Medical officer
  • Nicolas Jirikoff | Head of Partnerships
    Nicolas JirikoffHead of Partnerships
  • Paul Tancrède | COO GLEAMER
    Paul TancrèdeChief Operating officer
  • Antoine Tournier | QARA Director
    Antoine TournierQARA Director
  • Souhail Bennani | Radiologist
    Souhail BennaniRadiologist
  • Louis Lassalle | Radiologist
    Louis LassalleRadiologist
  • Violette Crouvisier | Office Manager
    Violette CrouvisierOffice Manager
  • Maëlle Lefeuvre | QARA Manager
    Maëlle LefeuvreQARA Manager
  • Cem Uster | Turkey Market Consultant
    Cem UsterTurkey Market Consultant
  • Chris Whitton | UK Market Consultant
    Chris WhittonUK Market Consultant
  • Gabriel Misrachi | AI Research Engineer
    Gabriel MisrachiAI Research Engineer
  • Nicolas Nitche | AI Research Engineer
    Nicolas NitcheAI Research Engineer
  • Zekun Zhang | AI Research Engineer
    Zekun ZhangAI Research Engineer
  • Aloïs Pourchot | AI Doctoral Researcher
    Aloïs PourchotAI Doctoral Researcher
  • Lauryane Clovis | Data Manager
    Lauryane ClovisData Manager
  • Elise Lacave | Data Manager
    Elise LacaveData Manager
  • Marie Chetif | Software Engineer
    Marie ChetifSoftware Engineer
  • Matthis Duclos | Software Engineer
    Matthis DuclosSoftware Engineer
  • Léo Gaudez | Software Engineer
    Léo GaudezSoftware Engineer
  • Damien Vandenbossche | Software Engineer
    Damien VandenbosscheSoftware Engineer