GLEAMER Webinar : Looking for experts’ advice on how to implement #AI in #Radiology practice?

Ariane Esmerian


Equipping Radiology with safe & reliable AI-assistants: practical considerations to make informed choices

How can Radiology, IT departments, and Healthcare institutions efficiently and pragmatically evaluate these solutions and make informed choices? What are the questions and risks to consider when it comes to appropriate use cases, skills, validation, integration, ethics, regulatory, data protection, costs?

Topic 1: How AI-ready is Radiology? Erik Ranschaert, MD, PhD
An international survey on AI in radiology in 1041 radiologists and radiology residents (European Radiology 2021)

Topic 2: Learning & skill development around AI: what to watch for, Mohammad Rezazade Mehrizi, PhD
Have a look at this recent review of perceptional skills of radiologists and see how far you agree with their arguments regarding the impact of AI tools: A Review of perceptual expertise in Radiology: How it develops, how we can test it, and why Humans still matter in the Era of Artificial Intelligence (Academic Radiology 2020)

Topic 3: Integrating AI in clinical practice: Challenges and practical perspectives, Elmar Kotter, MD, PhD
Challenges and solutions for introducing artificial intelligence (AI) in a daily clinical workflow (European Radiology 2021)

Topic 4: Objective criteria to evaluate AI solutions: the ECLAIR guidelines, Patrick Omoumi, MD, PhD
To buy or not to buy—evaluating commercial AI solutions in radiology (the ECLAIR guidelines) (European Radiology 2021)

Several research initiatives investigate AI’s impact, consolidate available information or build evaluation frameworks. This webinar aims to provide practical perspectives and examples for end-users and institutions and will invite participants to keep investigating these topics over time.

It is only by discussing and collaborating on these challenges that we will make this a successful transformation of Radiology, for the benefit of professionals and patients.

31 août 2021 06:00 PM Paris

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