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Clinically Validated

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MDR CE certified Class IIa

The Boneview Bone Age algorithm automates bone age assessment using the Greulich & Pyle atlas method, saving valuable time while ensuring precision. Our user-friendly summary table streamlines the process and enhances clinician satisfaction, optimizing workflow and improving patient outcomes.

Optimize your workflow and save valuable time with a fully automated process

Enhance Clinician Satisfaction with a streamlined and user-friendly summary table, enabling quick and accurate decision-making.

Improve the precision and consistency of your estimations, minimizing both inter and intra-variability and achieving an impressive MAE of only 0.49

AI-powered workflow

BoneView Bone Age is Class IIa medical device manufactured by Gleamer and whose conformity assessment has been carried out by the notified body BSI CE 2797 relative to the 2017/745 regulation. It is software using deep learning techniques intended to provide preliminary data for helping clinicians’ diagnosis of X-ray radiographs. Please read the operating instructions carefully.

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BoneView Bone Age
  • Nguyen et. al,
  • ESPR 2022

Deep learning algorithm to predict Greulich and Pyle bone age

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