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Clinically Validated

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MDR CE certified Class IIa

The Boneview Measurements automates daily measurements and simplifies interpretation with an easy-to-read display. Free up time, reduce errors, and enhance accuracy with complete automation of routine measurements.

Streamline your processes by automating your routine measurements, allowing you to focus on more critical tasks.

Improve your data's reliability by implementing AI-based standardization, minimizing variability, and ensuring reproducibility.

Enhance clinician satisfaction with standardized, easy-to-read reports that can be seamlessly integrated with their results.

BoneView Measurements is a game-changing solution that streamlines the process of measuring bones efficiently and accurately, allowing our center to save time, improve workflow, and make a better report for clinicians.

Aurélien Lambert, Radiologist, France

AI-powered workflow

The Boneview Measurements automates the daily measurements and ease interpretation thanks to its easy-to-read display. It works on standard X-ray radiographs and EOS images for different anatomical areas: pelvis, legs, foot, and spine.

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