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Your AI assistant for bone trauma X-Rays

BoneView is a Class IIa medical device manufactured by GLEAMER and whose conformity assessment has been carried out by the notified body KIWA CERMET 0476. It is intended to provide preliminary data for diagnosis on standard radiography.

99,7%NPV(Negative Predictive Value)
800UsersRadiologists and Emergency Physicians
> 50Hospitals and clinicsusing the solution in clinical routine

AI findings for safer and faster interpretation

Use BoneView as a double check and avoid missing tiny lesions.

Smart work list for priorization

Use BoneView to prioritize patients

BoneView integrates seamlessly in our daily workflow. Our working comfort was improved by this automatic and instantaneous second reading. BoneView enables us to save time and improve patient care.

Aurélien Lambert
Aurélien Lambert, Radiologist, France

Radiologists must manage their workflow in a constrained environment. By securing diagnosis and limiting the number of undescribed fractures, BoneView is a precious tool in the everyday work, and a shield against potential litigation procedures.

Jean-Claude Le Van An
Jean-Claude Le Van An, Radiologist, France
Clinically validated

Radiologists need medical grade solutions they can trust.

BoneView AI engine has been clinically validated on a wide and representative set of exams, evidencing statistically significant improvements, which are currently under review to be published.

Among others, BoneView was demonstrated to reduce missed fractures by 30%, while decreasing reading time.