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Aamal Medical and Gleamer Announce Strategic Partnership to Transform Radiological Diagnostics in the Middle East


Aamal Medical, a leading provider of healthcare solutions in the Middle East, and Gleamer, a renowned French MedTech company specializing in artificial intelligence (AI) applications for radiology, are delighted to announce a strategic partnership. This collaboration aims to extend Gleamer’s global presence, particularly in the Middle East, and reinforce Qatar's commitment to investing in innovative healthcare technologies.

The partnership marks a significant step for Aamal Medical in enhancing its portfolio with cutting-edge technology. Aamal Medical has over 50 years of experience providing comprehensive healthcare solutions and services. Mr. Gokhan Ozkan, General Manager of Aamal Medical, commented: “We are excited to announce our collaboration with Gleamer, as we are dedicated to supporting the Qatar healthcare sector with cutting-edge medical innovations and technology through collaborations with global healthcare leaders. Gleamer has great experience in radiology AI, especially in the pediatric field, which we feel is a great addition to our offerings to Qatar healthcare.”


Gleamer, known for its AI-powered tools BoneView & ChestView, which aid in X-ray imaging, is set to expand its global footprint through this alliance. Christian Allouche, CEO of Gleamer, commented on the partnership's significance: “We are confident that our AI solutions will significantly enhance radiological diagnostics in Qatar, reducing diagnostic errors and improving patient outcomes.”

This partnership will bring a new era of radiological diagnostics to the Middle East, offering healthcare providers in the region access to world-class AI technology. The integration of Gleamer's AI solutions in Aamal Medical's offerings is a testament to the global recognition of Gleamer's technology. It highlights the potential of AI in transforming healthcare practices worldwide.


ChestView AI enhances the detection of urgent findings like pneumothorax, pleural effusion, and consolidation, as well as early cancer indicators such as nodules, and mediastinal mass. Co-developed with AP-HP and grounded on a robust database partly cross-referenced with CT-scan, it is now widely used in private and public facilities worldwide.

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