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Gleamer and Imagerie Medicale du Parc Lyon (IMPL) announce a partnership to optimize patient care through AI


Gleamer and IMPL are pleased to announce their new partnership to optimize patient care in osteoarticular measurements through artificial intelligence. Gleamer has been supporting IMPL since 2021 with its BoneView algorithm, which assists in interpreting standard traumatic radiographs. This collaboration has led to a partnership to support Gleamer in perfecting its new algorithm, “BoneMetrics.”

IMPL is an expert center in osteoarticular imaging. This partnership aims to guide future developments to meet orthopedic needs by automating measurements on radiographs using artificial intelligence, thereby optimizing patient care.

“We are delighted to collaborate with IMPL, a reference center in the field of osteoarticular imaging in Europe,” said Christian ALLOUCHE, CEO of Gleamer. “Our goal is to offer our users algorithms that meet the expectations of expert radiologists, and this partnership allows us to promote French expertise in this field.”

“We firmly believe that the use of AI can greatly improve osteoarticular imaging diagnostics, and we are pleased to work with Gleamer to achieve this goal,” said Dr. Fantino, a radiologist at IMPL and active member of SIMS (Society for Musculoskeletal Imaging).

This partnership between Gleamer and IMPL represents a significant advancement in the use of AI to improve the workflow of medical imaging services.


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