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GLEAMER and Léon Bérard Centre Join Forces: A Strategic Partnership to Revolutionize Oncological Imaging with AI in Europe


Since 2017, the Léon Bérard Centre (CLB) is involved in projects using artificial intelligence and computerized health databases to improve cancer care. This partnership with GLEAMER entirely fits into this dynamic. It will develop a solution for detecting and characterizing lesions in mammograms and tomosynthesis before turning to CT imaging, an essential examination in oncology for cancer staging and monitoring under treatment. "GLEAMER has recognized expertise in AI. Their R&D based in France will be able to rely on our Big Data and AI approach and the know-how of our teams to exploit databases, solve our professionals' problems, and improve patient care," says Pr. Jean-Yves Blay, director general of the CLB. This project will benefit from the ConSore tool, a search engine developed by the CLCC to accelerate clinical research. It will mobilize multidisciplinary teams from the CLB (IT and information systems management, radiologists) and GLEAMER (Data scientists, AI engineers).

The goal of the developed AI solutions will be to assist radiologists in detecting lesions earlier and to reduce interpretation times for frequently repeated exams in oncology. "In addition to scientific rigor, we share with GLEAMER a common vision of the contribution of AI for oncological imaging, which requires rare multidisciplinary expertise and analysis of enormous amounts of data," says Dr. Pr Frank Pilleul, radiologist and head of the CLB's imaging department.

Since its inception, GLEAMER has developed a set of innovative AI solutions in standard radiography, which are clinically adopted and whose performance, equal or superior to subspecialty experts, has been published in top-tier journals. Thanks to its latest funding round in June 2023, GLEAMER has the means to fulfill its ambitions: extend its AI Companion to modules dedicated to CT and breast imaging to cover 70% of the daily needs of radiologists tomorrow.

"This partnership will allow us to fulfill GLEAMER's mission: to make AI the new standard of care in radiology to increase diagnostic accuracy, improve patient care, and optimize healthcare professional workflows. The expertise of the Léon Bérard Centre and access to aggregated oncology data will be key to developing and evaluating our solutions, to adapt them as closely as possible to user needs," declares Christian Allouche, president and co-founder of GLEAMER.

Thanks to this partnership, GLEAMER, and the CLB are joining forces to improve cancer diagnosis and care through AI, advancing medicine towards increasingly personalized paths.


Solution for Detecting Breast Abnormalities in Tomosynthesis and Mammography.

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