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Gleamer is the recipient of the "Health of the Future Award 2023."

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Gleamer has clinched the prestigious "Health of the Future Award 2023." This accolade is a testament to our innovative and highly impactful collaboration between hospitals and startups, setting a new benchmark for transformative healthcare solutions.

The award explicitly recognizes Gleamer's remarkable support to CHU Rennes. BoneView has made a profound difference in the hospital's operations. The acknowledgment extends gratitude to CHU Rennes for their invaluable support and positive feedback published in Liberation.

The "Health of the Future Award 2023" serves as a milestone, acknowledging the collective efforts of visionary minds dedicated to pushing the boundaries of healthcare technology. It signifies a moment of celebration and a catalyst for continued innovation and collaboration in the pursuit of better healthcare worldwide. Gleamer's win is a testament to their commitment to excellence and dedication to improving healthcare through groundbreaking technology.


BoneView, our first clinical AI application, has become a global bone trauma X-ray interpretation standard, recognized for its scientific excellence. It pinpoints fractures, effusions, dislocations, and bone lesions efficiently. Recognized for its scientific rigor with publications in top-tier peer-reviewed journals, its clinical study won the prestigious 2022 Alexander Margulis Award for scientific excellence.

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