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BoneView clinical study has been honored by the Alexander R. Margulis prize 2022


GLEAMER’s team is proud to announce that the BoneView validation study paper in the United States has been honored with the prestigious 2022 Alexander R. Margulis Award for Scientific Excellence by the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA).

The Margulis Award Nominating Committee and the Margulis Award Selection Committee review published manuscripts based on their novelty, quality, importance, and potential scientific and clinical impacts. The committees selected Pr. Guermazi’s work, Improving Radiographic Fracture Recognition Performance and Efficiency Using Artificial Intelligence, published in Vol. 302, No. 3 of Radiology, demonstrated that GLEAMER’s BoneView® AI software helped to detect and localize fractures over the entire appendicular skeleton, rib cage, thoracic and lumbar spine, improving sensitivity and specificity, while reducing reading time.

It is the first time since its creation that a musculoskeletal publication has been awarded; it validates the revolutionary impact of BoneView to enable faster and more accurate plain film reading within the existing process.

“Radiologists are joining the AI revolution in the market with early acceptance and adoption of BoneView by GLEAMER, and we are pleased that the work of Professor Guermazi has earned the Alexander R. Margulis Award for Scientific Excellence to bring further awareness of the efficacy of AI,” said Christian Allouche, CEO and co-founder of GLEAMER. “This validates the revolutionary impact of our technology to enable faster and more accurate film reading within the existing process and without purchasing any new equipment.”

Dr. Guermazi accepted the award during the RSNA 108th Scientific and Annual Meeting in Chicago. “The assistance of AI should allow us to improve the specificity of the complementary exams prescribed after the radiography, to avoid delays in care, and to direct patients into the right therapeutic pathway.”

GLEAMER has been driven to cultivate scientific excellence as the heart of its company since day one. We thank the entire Clinical and Research team for this prestigious work and Pr. Guermazi for its participation.

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BoneView, our first clinical AI application, has become a global bone trauma X-ray interpretation standard, recognized for its scientific excellence. It pinpoints fractures, effusions, dislocations, and bone lesions efficiently. Recognized for its scientific rigor with publications in top-tier peer-reviewed journals, its clinical study won the prestigious 2022 Alexander Margulis Award for scientific excellence.

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