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Prof. Gabriel Paul Krestin joins the Gleamer Board

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GLEAMER, a leading European manufacturer of AI-powered solutions for medical imaging, is proud to announce the addition of Prof. Gabriel Krestin as an Independent Member of its Board of Directors. Prof. Krestin, a renowned figure in radiology with over 40 years of experience in academic medical centers, brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge to the company. His illustrious career, marked by significant research, leadership, and entrepreneurship achievements, positions him as a valuable asset to Gleamer's Board. As an independent board member, he is set to provide critical insights and strategic guidance, enhancing the company's impact in the medical imaging technology sector.

Prof. Gabriel Krestin, an emeritus professor at Erasmus MC, University Medical Center Rotterdam, has made remarkable contributions to Radiology, combining academic excellence, leadership, and entrepreneurship. His work has been recognized with prestigious awards, including the Albers Schönberg and Gold Medals from the European and Asian-Oceanian Societies of Radiology.

In leadership, Prof. Krestin has been pivotal, serving as President of the European Society of Radiology (ESR), and founding MIR and EIBIR, where he was the Scientific Director from 2014 to 2023. His strategic insights are further evident in his advisory roles to GE Healthcare Europe and his membership on various scientific advisory boards.

As an entrepreneur, Prof. Krestin successfully founded and exited Quantib BV, an AI company specializing in image analysis, demonstrating his business acumen. He also holds advisory and board positions with multiple companies, showcasing his diverse expertise and impact in radiology. His career combines groundbreaking research, strategic leadership, and innovative entrepreneurship.

"We are thrilled to welcome Prof. Gabriel Krestin to Gleamer's Board," said Christian Allouche, CEO of Gleamer. "His remarkable experience as a radiologist, leadership in academia, and entrepreneurial success will be instrumental in guiding our mission to provide cutting-edge AI solutions for medical imaging. We look forward to his invaluable insights and contributions as we continue our journey to advance the field of radiology."
Prof. Krestin's appointment to Gleamer's Board aligns with the company's commitment to scientific excellence and innovative medical imaging solutions delivery. His deep understanding of the industry and extensive network of relationships will undoubtedly enhance Gleamer's strategic vision and impact on healthcare.