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Product disclaimers

In Europe:

BoneView and ChestView are Class IIa medical devices manufactured by GLEAMER and whose conformity assessment has been carried out by the notified body BSI CE 2797 relative to the 2017/745 regulation. It is software using deep learning techniques intended to provide preliminary data for helping clinicians’ diagnosis of X-ray radiographs.
Instructions for use are available at the following address:


In the US:

BoneView is a class II medical device that has been cleared by the FDA under K212365. BoneView is intended to analyze radiographs using machine learning techniques to identify and highlight fractures during the review of radiographs. For more information on precise indications for use, warnings, and limitations of the software, refer to the 510(k) summary available on FDA’s website. Please read the instructions for use carefully. 
Instructions for use are available at the following address:


Other Quality Management information

Our company is certified with ISO 13485:2016