ChestView CE0476

Your AI companion for lesions detection on Chest X-Rays

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Chest X-Rays per year worldwide



performance to detect subtle abnormalities without clinical information


of lung nodules

< 2cm are not detected on Chest X-Rays

Clinically Validated

Radiologists need medical grade solutions they can trust.

CE mark Class IIA

Companioning imaging users

ChestView AI provides radiologists and clinicians with an instant and automatic 2nd reading of Chest X-Rays fully integrated in the reading workflow.

Already Trusted By

AI-powered workflow

ChestView is a Class IIa medical device manufactured by GLEAMER and whose conformity assessment has been carried out by the notified body KIWA CERMET 0476. It is intended to provide preliminary data for diagnosis on standard radiography. Please read the operating instructions carefully.

Instant findings for safer and faster interpretation

Use ChestView as a double check and avoid missing tiny lesions. ChestView detects pneumothorax, pleural effusion, alveolar Syndrom, nodule, and mediastinal mass

Smart work list for triage and prioretization

Use ChestView to triage and prioritize interpretations. BoneView supports integration with RIS through HL7 capability.

Full workflow integration

ChestView integrates seamlessly with all IT infrastructures and communicates with the PACS to process appropriate examinations and display results in the user's usual environment.

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