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Gleamer's BoneView: Leading the way in fracture detection - A comprehensive market review from UK

Copie De Study At The Glance Using Ai To Improve Radiologist Performance In Detecting Abnormalities On Chest Radiographs 3

A recent review by University College London (UCL) highlighted essential factors for selecting the right tool in a dynamic marketplace flooded with AI-driven fracture detection tools. Notably, Gleamer's BoneView has emerged as a standout performer within this diverse landscape, capturing attention for its remarkable performance.

Navigating the landscape of fracture detection Tools: Key selection criteria

  1. Robust Validation:
    For numerous suppliers, comprehensive studies validating the efficacy of detection tools within the fracture detection domain are lacking. However, Gleamer stands out by the multiplicity of independent and robust studies conducted across diverse locations and demographics. These peer-reviewed studies collectively highlight BoneView's excellent performance in fracture detection for both adults & children, marking it as a frontrunner in the field. The recent groundbreaking study from Lille Hospital, demonstrating heightened sensitivity for wrist fractures against a CT scan ground truth, further solidifies BoneView's position.

  2. Clinical Utility and Pediatric Development:
    Pediatric fracture detection presents unique challenges due to varied bone structures, age-specific complexities, and data scarcity. Most fracture tools need a greater pediatric focus. However, BoneView stands out with published US-specific data and is the only FDA-approved tool for pediatric fracture detection.

Copie De Study At The Glance Using Ai To Improve Radiologist Performance In Detecting Abnormalities On Chest Radiographs 4
  1. MDR Certification and Regulatory Compliance
    Certification is a critical differentiator in a landscape marked by stringent EU and FDA regulations for AI compliance. In this context, BoneView's adherence to CE Medical Device Regulation (MDR) standards underlines its dedication to surpassing rigorous certification benchmarks. Gleamer's commitment to compliance is evident across all solutions, as all Gleamer products are MDR CE-marked, aligning with the latest European regulations. Moreover, BoneView's FDA approval, backed by a validation study conducted in the US and awarded the Alexander Margulis for Scientific Excellence in 2022, strengthens its global recognition and regulatory compliance.

  2. Enhancing the impact of fracture detection: emerging institutional evidence
    Regarding evidence for institutions, the landscape surrounding fracture detection tools is complex. Standardized validation studies are vital, yet evidence on patient outcomes and hospital cost-effectiveness still needs to be improved.
    However, a recent study from CHU of Rennes, featured in the French journal Liberation, presents a breakthrough. This study showcases tangible benefits: notably, reduced ER stays and decreased patient recalls - leading to significant cost reductions for institutions. These findings hint at a smoother patient journey and suggest potential improvements in hospital efficiency. This emerging evidence sheds light on fracture detection tools' impact on institutions, offering promising insights into cost-saving measures and enhancements in patient care pathways.

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BoneView, our first clinical AI application, has become a global bone trauma X-ray interpretation standard, recognized for its scientific excellence. It pinpoints fractures, effusions, dislocations, and bone lesions efficiently. Recognized for its scientific rigor with publications in top-tier peer-reviewed journals, its clinical study won the prestigious 2022 Alexander Margulis Award for scientific excellence.

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